nandBot IRC Robot

nandBot is a Perl IRC Robot which is intended to be used on UNIX systems. nandBot is extensible using the built-in plugin interface and is localizable using Locale::Maketext.

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nandBot 1.91 Released

November 5, 2005

nandBot 2 version 0.1 (nandBot 1.91) has been released. nandBot is an extensible Perl IRC Robot that uses SQLite. This release contains the following change summary:

Implemented login system, access levels and administrative commands. Improved spell check, factoids, plugin architecture and logging. Bug fixes.

A new website has also been launched at

Presenting nandBot 2

April 30, 2005

Version CVS 20050430 of nandBot 2 (an IRC robot) has been released. This is the first CVS version of nandBot 2, which has been completely rewritten with many new features, notably internationalization. Please bang on it, translate it, rewrite the documentation, and break it :)

Since nandBot has been completely rewritten, some features are missing, notably passwords, and the lack of all administrative commands other than "quit", which is not password protected.

This version makes use of Locale::Maketext, and is multi-lingual. A Pig Latin translation is included.

nandBot 2.0 now uses SQLite (Available from CPAN or your package vendor) for a database. There is currently no way to import your Legacy nandBot 0.5 configuration. This is in the works.

Note that Win32 is not officially supported in nandBot 2.0 (But you are welcome to try).

Bear in mind that this is a CVS Snapshot. The first CVS snapshot. There are bugs. A lot of bugs. There are also missing features. But that's another story.

nandBot 0.51 released!

April 24, 2004

Finally, after 6 months, nandBot 0.51 has been released. Sorry it took me so long!

nandBot is a cool IRC Robot written in Perl with some unique features, and some not-so-unique features. Have fun with this new release.

By the way, I should point out that I have an idea for a pretty darn cool new feature that will be coming soon(tm) to a nandBot near you.

nandBot 0.50 released!

October 4, 2003

The nandBot IRC Robot project has released it's first version, 0.50. nandBot is an IRC Robot with some features from infobot and other robots. See

Be warned, this version of nandBot is very very alpha, and needs quite a lot of work. Other than that, have fun, break it, patch it, and develop for it!

nandBot IRC Robot Project Created

September 20, 2003

The nandBot IRC Robot project has been created. nandBot is an IRC Robot with some features from infobot. Not much has happened yet, so stay tuned...