nandBot FAQ

Q. Why does nandBot refuse to connect?

A. The answer to this question used to be to get Net::IRC 0.70, because the later versions didn't work for me. But even though Net::IRC 0.70 is the only version I test with, this is probably not your problem and the server is probably just down.

Q. What is that odd logo in the corner?

A. It's supposed to be a bot. On our little IRC network, the chat applet used a little hammer symbol to show who was an op. But the ops were usually bots, so everyone thought the icon meant the user was a bot. So I added eyes and made it the nandBot logo.

Q. What are IRCPoints?

A. When nandBot was still written in mIRC scripting, IRCPoints were given out when you answered a trivia question correctly. It was also decided that you would earn one IRCPoint for each message you sent.

When I rewrote nandBot in Perl, I didn't port the trivia sytem, but this is now on my todo list for nandBot 2. Maybe IRCPoints may become less stupid now (Or prehaps I'll rename them back to "trivia points").

Q. What on earth is an anger ratio?

Since this was a shockingly useless and semi-annoying feature, it is not included in nandBot 2. A plugin implementing it is available upon request.

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